Suiseki Items


"There is a hand even more striking than an artisan it is that of Nature. All we can do is have an eye for recognizing the beauty of a naturally carved stone and provide the platform for its appreciation. If there is an example of this category you are looking for and do not see, please call or email, we may not have cataloged it yet."

Red Jasper is one of the most coveted materials.  In all the years Mr. Hayes has been collecting he had found only two “Red” stones that met the criteria of Suiseki. This stone was discovered in Northern California. The daiza is Black Walnut carved in the Chinese tradition.

An abstract stone is one that does not fit the Japanese landscape or object stone classification criteria. Although this stone defies those classifications, it does embody the most important attribute of Suiseki… suggestiveness. It will always remain elegant, sensual and mysterious. Discovered in Northern California, the daiza is Mahogany.

Vertical stones tend to be more desirable in the West.  They seem to command more attention.  Or do they simply lend themselves to our sense of decor?  Visual tension plays a valuable role in this stone's appearance as well as its unique light green color.  Discovered in Northern California, the daiza was crafted from black walnut.