Grace Thorpe Gemberling Keast Items

Grace Thorpe Gemberling Keast

HL CHALFANT is proud to represent the estate of Grace Gemberling Thorpe Keast (1903-1997).  A complete presentation of her work will be hosted at our gallery beginning March 3, 2012.  Each of those works will then be auctioned off at our upcoming auction entitled "10 | 10: The Collector's Auction".  To learn more about Gemberling and her work, please visit our article reviewing her complete biography and catalog.

Characteristic of much of Gemberling Keast's landscape work is the contrast of light leading to or following a storm.  In this piece, dapples of light are scattered among cows in a pastoral setting. 

There is a reason we choose this image as the cover of our catalog of Grace Gemberling Keast's work.  The image is powerful.  Painted in the early 1930s, "Unemployed" expresses a period in time when nothing was definite, especially the economy.  The introspective look of the figure and his body language suggest the situation before you ever know the title of the...

An exceptional composition of Manayunk, the considerable depth of this landscape both shifts the viewer eye throughout the composition while showing the transition of rural Manayunk into the more urban setting we know today.