Fireplace Equipment Items

Fireplace Equipment

"A fireplace has always been in the heart of a home.  The metals that would adorn these hearths would be durable and often attractive.  Borrowing from the styles of their times, they would take on architecture elements like finials, claw-and-ball feet and balluster turnings.  If you do not see any items that would interest you, please email or give us a call.  We may not have had an opportunity to catalog it yet."

Diamond and flame finials, bulbus shaft, square plinth and ball and claw feet.

Diamond and flame finials, Spiral shaft, square plinth and ball and claw feet.

These exceptional and rare andirons have diamond and flame finials, swirled balusters, square plynths and cabriole legs terminating in claw and ball feet. These andirons are commonly called "Paul Revere Type", but were probably made in New York, c. 1750-60.

A popular form in the mid nineteenth century, these andirons nicely portray a standing posed Washington above draped medals with removable supports.

This pair of andirons has nicely turned brass finials, brass bosses at the base and penny feet.

Pair of andirons with diamond-and-flame finials, bulbous shafts and cabriole legs terminating in two-piece ball-and-claw feet.

This unsigned pair of brass andirons makes a bold statement. The ball finials, faceted shafts and prominent ball feet are typical of the early nineteenth century. However, these andirons also have scalloped plinths. This design is reminiscent of the late eighteenth century.

Shovel and tongs with trefoil hooks and twisted knops. Pair is pictured in “New England Begins,” page 286, plate 281.