Landscape Items


'A landscape masterfully executed elicits emotional interpretations and resonates with the observer.  Composition and the use of light often distinguish one painting from another.  The greater the depth, treatment of light and movement in a painting, the better it often is. If you do not find a figure or portrait painting you are looking for, please call or email, we may not have cataloged it yet."

Large oil on Canvas of Snow Scene With a Stream and Woods. Titled "Grey Day Winter". Painted by Walter Baum of Sellersville, PA. Signed W.E. Baum

Wonderful painting showing a group of deer along the coastline of Lapland. Part of Herzogs list of 1000 painting this painting is numbered 352 verso.

Large oil on canvas of small village nestled in the mountains

Oil on canvas showing a snow filled stream on a winters day in Vermont.

Oil on board of a snowy church yard in France.

Oil on board of a women with parasol sitting in a garden filled with the light of the day

Oil on canvas of a landscape along a river. Two sailboats drifting down as the colors of fall start to show themselves on the trees.

Oil on canvas of a stunning view of the Lauterbrunnen valley in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

Oil on Board of white water rushing through large boulders of Reichenbach stream in the mountains of the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. This location was also popularly known as the place where Sherlock Holmes met his end in his final battle with Professor Moriarity. Falling to his death along one one the many waterfalls.

A grand winter landscape by Walter Emerson Baum.  This is the most desirable form of Baum's work.  A river centers the composition with subtle plays of light, nicely presented stone homes with rolling hills in the background.  A horse and sleigh enters the painting from the left.  It has a National Academy of Design, NY exhibition label on verson entitled "Mill...

The capture of a moment set in a beautiful winter landscape, this painting demonstrates Leith-Ross' exceptional ability to not only put together compositions with considerable depth and light, but also create an ephermal moment with the inclusion of a single deer.  It is initialed lower left.

Characteristic of much of Gemberling Keast's landscape work is the contrast of light leading to or following a storm.  In this piece, dapples of light are scattered among cows in a pastoral setting. 

This piece was initiated for a plein air event in early Fall.  The weather is the story with high winds, rain, thunder and lighting which finally chased me to cover.  I had to return in similar conditions to finish at a later date.

This idea started as one of my standard “vines-on-signs” pictures, but a sudden family crisis gave the subject new, more serious layers of meaning.  Things came out all right in the end, but not all stories are meant for sharing. 

This nocturne illustrates a moment when a quiet boating party’s serenity is suddenly rocked. The once peaceful night sky explodes with fireworks and merrymaking.

Someone is always quietly observing.

This impressive landscape entitled, "The White Mantle" by Carl Lawless demonstrates several of the most desirable aspects of his painting.  Depth in composition balances nicely with dashes of rich color and daples of light to make this beautiful landscape sing. It is framed in an original Newcomb Macklin frame which adds further importance to the presentation of this composition...

A beautiful and bright winter landscape, this composition embodies many of the characteristics of Lawless' exceptional understanding of light and sky. This charming painting still has it's original Newcomb Macklin carved frame.

A vibrant rendering of Historic Yellow Springs in Chester Springs, PA.  Yellow Springs holds a dear place in many artists hearts as it was the site for the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts country school between 1916-1952.  Here, Daniel Garber and other Academy professors worked with students seeking a notably different setting than Philadelphia for landscape painting.

Carl Lawless a distinctive landscape painter with unique perspective and beautiful execution.  Almost exclusively painting in a square format, Lawless added depth, color and an subtle modernist flair to his impressionist landscapes.  This winter landscape displaying several birches bathed in snow demonstrates the considerable depth Lawless could apply to his winter landscapes. ...

Carl Lawless a distinctive landscape painter with unique perspective and beautiful execution.  Almost exclusively painting in a square format, Lawless added depth, color and an subtle modernist flair to his impressionist landscapes.  This winter landscape richly displays Lawless' love of the American landscape and the touches of leaves dance the eye around the composition. ...

Signed lower left, Carl Lawless. Titled on verso, "The Winding Road".

Vibrant forest landscape by Albert Van Nesse Greene.

Beautiful landscape by noted New England artist Anthony Thieme.  There is the beginning of a seascape painting on verso with estate stamp.

A large an engaging winter landscape by Carl Lawless. A somewhat transitional painting, Lawless merges an impresionist style with abstract compositional structure. It creates a painting that carries your eye from foreground to background and right to left.