A Schwenkfelder Woolwork Townscape (SOLD)

A Schwenkfelder woolwork townscape, by Catharine Kriebel (1839 to 1876), Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, dated 1856. Worked with wool yarns in shades of green, pink, yellow, brown and beige on a linen ground.   PROVENANCE:  Descended in the family to the present owner. This woolwork picture belongs to a small group of related needlework pictures worked in the 1850's in Montgomery County by members of the Schwenkfelder community. Catharine Kriebel (1839 to 1876) was the daughter of Anna Bergey and Abraham Kriebel. Her sister Susanna (1846 to 1879) also worked a needlework townscape in 1856. It is thought that these pieces were worked in a sewing circle and not a school. 34.5" high by 33.5" wide, framed. Housed in a carved cherry frame.

Materials and Techniques:

Died wool yarns on a linen ground.


There is minor color loss throughout the composition with slight old staining in the top of the needlework.

Origin: Montomgery County, PA
Date: d. 1856
Dimensions: Width 25" | Height 25.5"
Price: SOLD
A Schwenkfelder Woolwork Townscape - No Frame
A Schwenkfelder Woolwork Townscape - Frame