Oil on Canvas Landscape by Paul King

Paul King, a well-known impressionist hailing from New York and Pennsylvania, had a unique and lush impressionistic style to his work.  This painting was likely executed while in Nova Scotia, a place he often visited.  It is signed on the lower left.

Medium: Oil on Canvas.

The canvas has been relined and cleaned.  There is only a partial signature at the bottom left.

Origin: Nova Scotia
Date: c. 1930.

The painting came into the owner's family from the estate of Irving M Swezey of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. The owner's maternal grandfather was the town obstetrician, and Sweezey bequeathed his Oak St house and contents, including the paintings & antiques to him. It's not certain, but it's probable Sweezy bought it from King at his Long Island Studio.

Dimensions: Width 30" | Height 25"
Price: $6,500
Oil on Canvas Landscape by Paul King
Oil on Canvas Landscape by Paul King